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BIOFOOD DIERVOEDING BV has been supplying high-quality food for dogs and cats for more than 20 years. BIOFOOD products carry the “green certification label” for its product line that guarantees a clean and healthy end product containing 100% natural components without any additional chemicals.

NEW: BIOFOOD long-life meat food.

BIOFOOD has developed a natural, complete and long-life MEAT FOOD for every dog based on fresh meat. BIOFOOD MEAT FOOD contains fresh meat, heart, liver, salmon, rice, sheep fat, herbs, vitamins and minerals. A complete dog food which is ideal for meat days, as a treat, when travelling, as extra flavouring, when changing to different food or for dogs which do not react well to dry food. BIOFOOD MEAT FOOD is made by using steam and has no sugar, wheat, salt, chemical antioxidants, preservatives, aromas, colourings or flavourings, is gluten-free and does not need to be kept in the fridge.


  • complete, whole life dog food with fresh lamb, salmon or duck.
  • contains fresh meat , organ meat, rice, natural herbs and vitamins, and minerals.
  • ideal for meat days, as a treat, when travelling, as extra flavouring, when changing the diet or for dogs that do not react well to dry food.
  • available in resealable packaging and handy portion packs (7x90g/630g).
  • for all dogs, from puppy to senior.

Available in the variants: Lamb (Chicken/Lamb), Duck (Chicken/Duck/Fish), Salmon (Chicken/Salmon) Available as handy doypack 630g and 800 g sausage.

BIOFOOD dog food.

Easily digestible, tasty dog food with the following specific characteristics: Natural herbs (tasty and comforting, with a high content of (safe) meat from free range cattle (purer, for a better digestion) non chemically dusted cereals (relieve for the liver and kidneys), no harmful residues from raw materials neither any chemical anti-oxidants nor any artificial odors coloring agents and/0r flavorings. Assortment: Pressed Puppy & Small breed, Pressed Adult, Pressed Lamb and Croc Adult, Diner, Senior, Puppy, High Energy, Lamb & Rice and Giant.

-complete, easily digestible, extruded or pressed dog food containing high quality natural ingredients.
healthy balanced animal protein, fat and vitamins & minerals.
-for all dog breeds, from pup to senior.

NEW: Pressed puppy & small breed and pressed lamb (all life stages) with a lot of meat, salmon oil and without wheat and gluten. More information click here.

COMING: Small breed premium dog food, puppy, adult, senior, sensitive and control. More information klick here.

BIOFOOD cat food.

BIOFOOD 3-mix cat food is made of carefully selected, 100% natural products. The high meat content result in perfect ingestion and excellent acceptance. The sources of protein, fats and carbohydrates are of high quality, improving digestion and defection. The level of mineral ingredients is low, keeping urine acidity low at the same time, which ensures good bladder function. In addition, BIOFOOD cat 3-mix food has been fortified with taurine and healthy omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Biofood cat 3-mix cat food is a natural, tasty, healthy and complete food for your cat.

-complete, easily digestible, extruded cat food containing high quality natural ingredients.
-healthy balanced animal protein, fat and vitamins & minerals.
-for all cat breeds, from kitten to senior.

Cat Food 3 mix 2kg and 10kg.
Premium Cat: Kitten, Adult, Senior, Sensitive and Control (1,5kg)

BIOFOOD sheep fat bonbons.

These sheep fat bonbons provide a beautiful shiny coat and a protective layer in the intestines for improvement of the digestion/intestinal flora. Sheep fat has a optimal effect when used on a regular (daily)basis.

-healthy skin, coat, digestion, immune system, intestinal flora and anti-flea, tick and worms*
-healthy addition to the daily diet.
-tripe (maxi), salmon (maxi), seaweed (mini/maxi) and *garlic (mini/maxi)
-for all dog breeds and all ages.

Assortment: Maxi bonbon seaweed, tripe, garloc/alliin and salmon (40 pcs. 265 g.) Mini bonbon seaweed (80 pcs. 265 g.), mini bonbon garlic/alliin (80 pcs. 265 g.) and mini salmon bonbon (80 pcs. 265 g.)

BIOFOOD liquid sheep fat and salmon oil.

This product is a combination of sheep fat, sunflower oil, salmon oil, dextrose, glucose, added vitamins. The Sunflower oil and salmon oil contain essential omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9 that take care of a better digestion (better food absorption, less faeces), and are beneficial to the heart and blood vessels to ensure a magnificent coat. Ideal for both dogs and cats.

-mixture of sheep fat, salmon oil (omega 3 and 6) and sunflower oil.
-skin, coat, eating and digestive problems, intestinal disorders, food intolerance.
-for all dog breeds and all ages.

Available in siphon bottle or jerrycan for dogs (250ml, 500 ml and 5L).

-cold pressed, rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.
-skin and coat problems, joint problems, digestion, lowers urine pH value.
-for dogs and cats of all ages.

Available in siphon bottle or jerrycan for Dogs and Cats (250ml, 500 ml and 5L).


BIOFOOD quality rawhide chewbones.

Natural high value traditionally produced exclusive rawhide chew bones originating from South and Central America. BIOFOOD rawhide chew bones (blue label) are tasty and healthy. The use of dried subcutaneous connective tissue from cowhides as basic material gives the dog long, a pleasant and useful chewing joy. Therefore preventing plaque, to keep your dog’s teeth nice and clean. Only the best.

- Quality chewbones from South and Central America.
- Top quality rawhide (thicker and more tasty, from the best beef cattle)
- Hypoallergenic (beef only).
- The tasty and healthy natural toothbrush.
- For long chewing pleasure and healthy teeth.
- For all dogs, pup to senior.

Assortment: Knots and rolls. Click here fore more information regarding huge quality and safety differences.

NieuwsBIOFOOD yeast treats anti flea.

Tasty anti-flea treats for dogs and cats. Fights vermin following the biological method. Alliin (Garlic) is the active substance (virus-inhibitor) and has a confirmed destructive effect on bacteria that insects, such as flees, lice, worms and ticks live on.

-anti-flea and tick and good for skin, coat (incl. fur loss).
-tablets with garlic, vitamins and minerals.
-in natural, salmon, seaweed (also mini) and tripe.
-for dogs and cats of all ages.

Assortment: Dog: seaweed, tripe (55 pcs, 90 g.); Cat: natural, seaweed, salmon (100 pcs, 60 g.).

NEW: DOG anti-flea seaweed mini for pups and small dogs (100 pcs, 60 g.).

BIOFOOD yeast treats care.

Dogbite and Catbite Dental are yeast treats to prevent plaque and tartar with eucalyptus and peppermint for a fresh smelling breath and clean teeth. Catgrass treats remove hairballs swiftly in a natural way. Hypoallergic treats are developed specifically for dogs with sensitive systems. Relax treats act to calm and relax your pet.

-tablets that support skin, coat, calming/relaxing, teeth, resistance and immune system.
-for all dog and cat breeds of all ages.

Assortment: DOG: Dogbite Dental (55 pcs, 90 g.), Sensitive (55 pcs, 90 g.), DOG/CAT: Relax (100 pcs, 60 g.), CAT: Catbite Dental: (100 pcs, 60 g.) and Hairball (100 pcs, 60 g.).

BIOFOOD meatbone lamb.

These purely natural pieces of meaty knuckle originate from the USA. The ingredients are carefully selected and inspected. The high meat concentration in the pieces give a high energy value and are very suitable for pups, pregnant and/or nursing bitches, dogs with reduced resistance, young dogs and active dogs. Treat these dogs with at least one ‘meatbone’ per day; it is a ideal treat or reward for any dog.

-meat snack with lamb, beef, poultry and herbs.
-ideal as a treat or as a reward for all dogs.
-for all dog breeds and all ages.

Assortment: Meatbone lamb (200 g. per pack)

BIOFOOD 3-in-1 cookies.

Healthey and tastefull 3-in-1 mineral coockies for dogs with a bowl problem, diarrhea and/or mineral shortage causing them to eat grass or feces. These diacure coockies have a complimentary intestine and digestive regulating effect.

-in the event of diarrhoea, eating disorders (stool/eating grass), cleans the body.
-can also be used during diet changes or in the event of digestive problems.
-contains rice, corn, herbs and kaolin (clay mineral).
-for all dog breeds, from pup to senior.

Assortment: 3-in-1 Coockies (500 g. per package)

BIOFOOD natural herbs.

Well balanced herb ingredient mix composition based on clean seaweed. This mix provides extra vitamins and minerals. Minerals are very important for strong bones and strong, healthy teeth. The extra vitamins provide extra resistance, have a favorable effect on the nerves, promote growth and protects the skin. Each herb alone has a positive effect on the various organs of dog and cat.

-ideal for skin, coat, digestion and vitality.
-balanced mixture of herbs.
-as a supplement to dry or wet food, meat food, BARF.
-for dogs and cats of all ages.

Available per e125 g and e450 g.

BIOFOOD souplesse.

BIOFOOD souplesse is a joint supplement for dogs and includes a well balanced mix of glucosamin, chondroitin, vitamin C, manganese, magnesium and various herbs for muscle, joint and rheumatic problems, such as osteoporosis, arthrosis, arthritis and hip displasia (H.D.). For all breeds.

-good for joint function and mobility.
-mixture containing glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and herbs.
-as a supplement to dry or wet food, meat food, BARF.
-for dogs and cats of all ages.

Available per e125 g and e450 g.

BIOFOOD salmon truffle.

The original Biofood salmon truffle is a real delicacy for any dog, from puppy (10 weeks and over) to senior. The tasty and healthy salmon truffle contains a perfectly balanced combination of healthy ingredients, including salmon (+/- 45%) with sheep fat, salmon oil and souplesse. The high quality proteins, amino acids, vitamins (A and D) and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids also provide optimal support to joints, skin, fur, the cardiovascular system and the digestion.

-fish truffle delicacy with salmon (+/- 45%), sheep fat, salmon oil and souplesse.
-supplement to support joints.
-good for skin, coat, heart and blood vessels, digestion and joints.
-for all dog breeds and all ages.

Assortment: salmon (50 pcs. / 350 g).


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